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Our Services

This page describes all the services we offer. We have tried to introduce and explain the various skills we can bring to bear on your next web project.

Services Contents

  1. Website Design
  2. Website Redesign
  3. Site Maintenance
  4. Web Graphics
  5. Flash Animations & Video
  6. Audio

Website Design

Printed page of CSS code

We design and build websites and web interfaces for dynamic websites that comply with W3C web standards.

We can also incorporate dynamic content into your website. For example forms enable visitors to submit requests for information or join mailing lists directly from your website. Take a look at our contact form for an example.

Client-side webpages are written in XHTML and CSS (for content and presentation respectively) with a little Javascript where necessary for any dynamic behaviours. Server-side applications, such as form validation, are written in PHP.


Website Re-design

We can take your existing website and give it a presentational overhaul. If your website is not web standards compliant we can bring it up-to-date at the same time to provide you with all the benefits that this brings (see sidebar).


Site Maintenance

We can offer customers two website maintenance plans:

  • Pay As You Go
  • Monthly Fixed Payment

Pay As You Go

As the name suggests, you simply contact us with your maintenance request and pay a fixed hourly rate. This is the best option for occasional content updates and one-off site improvements.

Fixed Monthly Payment

If your site will require regular content updates, we can offer you a fixed monthly payment scheme which will cover all your maintenance requirements.


Web Graphics

The design of your website is a key factor in how visitors will perceive your company. If your website looks cheap and unprofessional, they will associate those characteristics with your business. The graphic elements on your website can make all the difference between a site that looks really professional and one that doesn't.

Bespoke web graphics

We develop all our own graphics (such as page banners, background images and icons) in-house.


We can source fonts to utilise in your logo, website banner and other web graphics. A quality font is a great way of adding some extra visual gloss to your site and making it unique.

Stock Photography

We can source those key photographic images to use on your website. Quality photographic images will make your site stand out and convey your business message more clearly.

Photo Galleries

We can take your own photos and create online photo galleries that visitors can browse on your website.


Flash Animations & Video

We can develop Flash animations and create Flash Video objects to add extra visual interest to your site. Used well, Flash can really bring a website to life. If you are unfamiliar with Flash, an example is provided below.



We can add audio to your site via a Flash MP3 player. If music is an integral part of your business, then a Flash audio player is an ideal way to serve music to your site visitors. These players tend to look like electronic MP3 players, and can stream the audio, significantly reducing the time visitors are kept waiting for large downloads.

We have included a player above, to give you an idea of what we're talking about. The look and feel or 'skin' of the player can be changed and can also incorporate playlist information if necessary. The player can also be configured to automatically start playing when the page is loaded.

All the music used in this demo was written by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under a Creative Commons License.


No Logo?

If you don't have a company logo don't despair! We can work with you to design a simple, effective logo or wordmark for your business which we will use on the website and which you can then use on letter headings, business cards etc.

Benefits of Web Standards

“What are the hard benefits for my business from having a standards compliant website?”

1. Cheaper maintenance

With content and presentation separated, site maintenance is quicker, easier, and cheaper.

2. Cheaper redesign

With content and presentation separated, any future redesign of your website will re-use the existing pages of content with only the stylesheet being rewritten.

3. Better search engine listing

The inherent structure of the pages on your website makes it easy for search engines to access and evaluate the information contained within them, so they get indexed more accurately.

4. Backwards compatibility

Visitors using older non-compliant browsers will still be able to view and understand the content of your site, even if they are unable to see all the design features.

5. Better accessibility

Standards compliant sites are more accessible to visitors using non-standard browsers, such as the disabled, and anyone using devices such as mobile phones and PDA's to access the web.

6. Faster download

Because standards compliant webpages are leaner, requiring less code, they download faster making for a better end-user experience.

7. Lower running costs

If your webhosting service is charged by bandwidth, then any reduction in the size of the webpages served to your visitors will save you money.


We hope you find the information contained on our site helpful. If you have any feedback or questions about this site, then please get in touch.

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